Visiting Blogs :)

This week, I decided to visit other people’s blogs and take a look at what is going on in the world. There was a lot of interesting things. Different perspectives, different opinions and amazing pictures.

The first blog post I went to was Anisha’s BlogPost. Her post talked about the temptations of constantly eating junk food. Anisha points out the effects of eating junk food. It can make you gain a lot of weight and this weight is hard to take off. You can also increase your chances of getting health problems such as, heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Overall it was a really good post and that’s what I commented. I said that she set a really good example and mindset for the younger generation.

For the second blog post, I went to Marianne’s BlogPost. In her post she expressed her love and devotion to her country. She showed us beautiful pictures of the Phillipines. I commented on how amazing her post was and how it was great that she was so proud to be Filipino because everyone should be proud of where they come from. Every culture, race, ethnicity is perfect!

Last but not least for the third post, I went to Jennifer’s BlogPost. In this post, Jennifer talked about the feelings and the experience of travelling. It was very well detailed and it had an great photo. I commented that she did an amazing job and that I could relate to the feelings that she got before taking the plane and during the journey in the plane etc. It was a really well-written post!


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