This Tuesday was JagArts. JagArts is an art exhibitions for all sorts of arts. From beautiful paintings to angelic voices. For this year’s JagArts, I sang Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray with Jennifer and Gabby. We worked on this project for about 2 weeks in songwriting class. Each time we entered the songwriting class, we dropped our bags and headed straight for the microphones. For me, singing is a way to escape the reality of this world; while singing I get to express myself in a way that I can’t in my daily life. So, this project meant the world to me.

At first, we couldn’t decide what to sing, we sang about 10 songs before we went with our first choice which was Someone Like You by Adele. We spent about 2 classes just practicing that song over and over, then one class we sang Royals by Lorde. We were so moved by the way we sang it, that we decided on the spot that we were going to sing that song for JagArts, but of course, we changed our minds once again. The last 3 classes before JagArts, we wanted to switch things up because we got bored of Royals, so we sang Summertime Sadness. And just like the last time, the song moved us, so we decided to make it official. Summertime Sadness was going to be the song we performed.

As we entered the room on the day of JagArts by nerves were all over the place. I couldn’t feel my legs, my feet, my hands nor my face. I was praying on the inside. I didn’t want to mess up, in front of everyone, that would be super embarrassing and devastating considering I worked so hard towards this moment for more than 2 weeks. Before I could even begin hyperventilating, it was already time for us to go up. A million and one thoughts were racing in my head. But as soon as the music started, I felt like I was in a trance. I just kept singing like I was alone in my room. At the end, people cheered and congratulated us, that moment I could tell we succeeded. It was an amazing experience.


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    1. I’m so glad you can relate!!! I haven’t considered acting, because I don’t think I would be good at it, but it’s a great idea.
      I love your blog, it is very well organized and interesting!!

  1. WOW! You changed the song just three classes because the performance, that must have been really stressful for you and the group. I really like how you showed your emotions and feelings throughout your post. Great performance by the way!

    1. Thank you so much!!! It’s amazing that you love singing. Keep singing and moving your feet!!! <3
      You're blog is awesome by the way

  2. Hi Jagga! I am Thanumi, a sixth grader from Thailand.
    Wow! That was an amazing post! As I went through your post, I felt like I was there in the audience while you were singing! I am really happy to tell you that I have something common with you, singing! Here at my school, we have a special group of singers. I am really proud to tell you that I am a member of it. But still, sometimes, I also get the stage fright. But after starting to sing, I always get lost in my world of imagination just like you. Hope you will visit my blog at, http://thanumiabey.weebly.com/

    1. Thank you so much!! Singing is beautiful, I am so glad you love to sing too. It’s an amazing way to express yourself. Keep up your singing!!!!
      Love your blog by the way. It is very interesting

  3. WOW! That was very cool because you and your group practiced so many songs and came to one song that you guys loved! When I first was in a stage I was just 6 so i didn’t know anything! I went to London and performed my opera but I wasn’t really sure what I was doing and I got used to being in stage and doing something. Now I can perform opera’s without being scared!
    Hey, you can visit my blog too!


    1. Thank you so much! It’s so cool that you are an opera singer, I love opera singers. They have an amazing talent and their technique in singing is beautiful!

      You’re website is really awesome!!!

  4. Dear Jagga,

    I really wonder how can you even change your song so late? If I were you I would really not change because I might think there is no more time left to practice a new song! But I really like your post! Well, do not forget to visit my blog- anisha6.weebly.com


    1. Dear Anisha,

      It was really difficult around the end because we were so stressed to find a song and masterize it, but it all ended well, so that’s what counts.

  5. Hi Jagga,
    I also love to sing, and singing is my escape. I always get nervous before a performance, but when I get on stage, I feel as if I’m on top of the world. If you’d like to check out my blog, visit me at:

    1. That’s amazing!! I feel like when you love what you do, no matter how stressed you are, once you are on the spot you get transported!
      Can’t wait to check out your blog!!

  6. Great job on your success,

    I love singing too it makes you feel so farm and relaxed and really takes you into the song, and you don’t care about anything around you. I love the way you wrote this post it makes me think about the times that I’ve been really nervous before a big performance.

    Come and check out my blog: http://olivias6wildy.edublogs.org
    Thanks Olivia,

  7. Hi Jagga,

    Hi! I’m Naho. I go to Hongwanji Mission School in Hawaii. I love singing too! I actually do performing arts, but I am better at singing than acting or dancing. I love your description of what it feels like when singing, I feel like that too. Do you perform in any plays or musicals? Come check out my blog at

    Thank you,

    1. I have performed in a couple musicals and plays but acting isn’t my strong suit, I am better at singing!!!!! Thank you for reading my blogpost
      Can’t wait to check out yours!!

  8. Dear Jagga,
    This JagArt exhibition sounds fun. I liked how you included lots of detail of JagArts. Before I read this article, I had no idea what JagArt exhibition. But you make it sound interesting, so now I would like to go. Maybe if you have some time, could you check out my blog at http://joshubaris2804.blogspot.com/.

  9. Wow you are amazing! I am not a very good singer but I do love soccer and they relate because the more you practice the better you get! Sometimes I play in front of many people I don’t even know! And it is stressful, but you are solo! Wow keep up the great work! If you would like to see my blog check out this link: http://ravenflaig4404.blogspot.com/

    Have fun blogging!

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