Petra By Night Story


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Where Is The Fun In Specializing As a Photographer?

Walking alone down a dark path, I finally see a light. I walk more and more towards it; relieved I can see the illumination of the world again. I come to an end and see what looks like a thousand candles standing side by side like soldiers. Each shining brighter than the other, but in the end coming together to shine in unison. My eyes are watering, I turn my head to the right and notice a crowd enjoying the beautiful view with me. I can’t help but…

I’m not sure how to finish this story. Anyone who can, write it in the comments section. I’ll be checking
















7 thoughts on “Petra By Night Story

  1. I think the way you wrote this story was good because it was like a movie the vocabulary you put in there was great.

  2. Love your cliffhanger. I’d love to think of a finish for you, but your story was so good that I can’t think of one right now. Anyway keep up the good work.

  3. I like your story because it tells you about how they were always keep saying how they want a bigger and better place.

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